What on earth helps with pimples and what are they? Even after puberty, many people are affected by skin blemishes. Pimples are not only a problem for young skin. Spots can occur at any age and require consequent and high-quality care products to provide long-term improvements. Since a nice-looking complexion for many people is synonymous with good health and attractiveness, pimples can cause considerable suffering for those affected. However with consistent skin care it is possible to handle the issue and regain a beautiful, clear skin.

What are pimples?

Often used in everyday life, the term pimple is a broad definition in the dermatological sense that refers to different forms of various skin problems. In general it describes inflammatory changes in the skin's appearance. Pimples are mostly red, raised and can be filled with pus. Those on the face in particular torment the affected person because they are easily noticed by other people.

What causes pimples?

There are many reasons for pimples. A good diagnosis is really important so that one can get to the root of the matter and treat the spots with high-quality care products. During puberty pimples appearing on the face generally result from hormonal imbalances in the body. The sebaceous glands oversecrete becoming blocked and inflamed. This is how a pus-filled pimple forms. Hormonal inconsistencies can also cause problematic skin long after adolescence.

Many people also believe there is a connection between pimples and diet. While on the one hand, a healthy, high-quality diet provides the skin with all the essential vitamins and nutrients, so forming the basis for a thriving skin barrier. On the other many people react to foods that are too greasy or too sugary and repeatedly develop new skin blemishes. So as to prevent pimples and promote a healthy skin, it is necessary to analyze personal nutritional habits which should include sufficient fluid intake, preferably water, and many fresh products with as few additives as possible.

Pimples can also be the result of incorrect skin care. The most important thing is to cleanse the skin regularly, preferably mornings and evenings. A cream that is matched to the individual skin type, for example, tends to supply an oily skin with fluids while a dry skin is enriched with lipid-replenishing substances. And before applying make-up, a good day cream that provides the skin with all-important nutrients should be used. No matter how long the day may be, removing make-up is very important to avoid spots. If make-up residues and dirt remain on the skin, it is unable to breathe and therefore cannot regenerate overnight. The sebaceous glands become clogged with dirt and may become inflamed, causing new skin impurities. However it is also important not to overpamper the skin. Constantly changing between care products and using too much of one can also cause pimples.

Pimples in babies are frequently the result of neurodermitic skin changes and take the form of red, dry spots that cause itching and are often scratched by a baby. As a result the skin is unable to rest, open areas develop which in due course can then become inflamed. This can lead to severe inflammation and a vicious circle of pimples, itching, scratching and even worse skin problems. Pimples in babies should therefore be examined by a specialist as soon as possible.

What helps with pimples in babies?

Pimple prevention for babies often includes the following:

  • Breastfeeding is the best possible nutrition for a baby and positively influences allergy prevention – skin problems with pimples are often allergy related.
  • If first milk is used, parents with allergies should preferably feed their child with hypoallergenic milk.
  • Avoid constant bathing or washing with hot water – this dries out the skin and leads to dry patches which can become infected.
  • Apply good quality creams that nourish the skin and strengthen its barrier.

The right cream for pimples

A good anti-pimple cream contains active ingredients that have an anti-inflammatory impact and soothe smaller skin lesions. It is also essential to sufficiently moisturize the skin so that no dry spots can develop. Eubos relies primarily on the following active ingredients in its products:

  • Evening primrose oil to fortify the skin barrier.
  • Biomimetic skin care oil.
  • St. John's wort with anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Alantoin and panthenol help calm irritated skin.
  • Glycerin, area and vitamin E provide sufficient moisture.

Eubos products contain no allergenic components and are also suitable for babies. On the topic of pimple prevention, it is essential to apply cream regularly after cleansing the face. This helps to subdue skin irritation and pimples decrease in number. Itching, which is very distressing for children, also quickly subsides.