HEALTH GUIDE: Moles and birthmarks

Moles and birthmarks diagnosis. What exactly are they?

If one listens to what women say on the subject, moles and birthmarks can be a large problem. Not just older people but also the younger generation often suffer from the dark blemishes. In present day society, an even complexion symbolizes youth and good health. Blemishes are not only considered a nuisance but can quickly make one look old. So what are the origins of these conditions? The causes vary though the sun usually plays a major role. Moles and birthmarks usually appear in areas that are most exposed to the sun, including the forehead, cheeks, shoulders, décolleté and hands. Nevertheless scientists are still not sure why the blemishes actually appear. Those who suffer however, would much rather know what treatment is available on the market and which products can be used specifically against this source of irritation!

Mole and birthmark symptoms

The symptoms are easy to recognize. They take the form of dark areas that can appear almost anywhere on the body while those on the face are particularly annoying. However it is not solely UV radiation that is to blame for excess melanin production, but an excess intake of various hormones can also lead to these blemishes. Stress or an unhealthy lifestyle may likewise play a role in their development. All the factors should be taken into account when treating moles and birthmarks.

Treatment of moles and birthmarks

What helps against these blemishes? There are several therapies available to reduce the appearance of moles and birthmarks. Whitening cream with bleaching properties is one possibility. Chemical peels or laser treatment may also reduce the problem. But one should remember that treatment of moles and birthmarks always takes time – unfortunately the annoying blemishes do not vanish overnight! So if one wants to combat them, one should reckon with a treatment period lasting several weeks or even months, regardless whether the blemishes are present on the face or other parts of the body.

However one needs to be careful not to ‘overtreat’ or stress moles or birthmarks as they react adversely and may even become even darker. That is why laser treatment is usually recommended for troublesome blemishes.

How do I get rid of moles and birthmarks?

Many women struggle with hyperpigmentation – a disorder that is usually perceived as irritating. And while there are more than enough treatments for this condition, most of the time one is unable to banish it completely. However most women who have been diagnosed with moles or birthmarks are unwilling to accept them and look for a solution. So what can be done and what really helps?

Prevention of moles and birthmarks

While there is no real way to prevent them, it is always important to avoid the sun and use a high-protection sunblocker when venturing outdoors for longer periods of time. Skin creams or oils used in summer should also contain a sunscreen. After a chemical peeling or similar treatment such as needling, one should avoid the sun at all costs to avoid facial moles and birthmarks. If one protects one’s skin from the sun, a good preventive measure has already been taken!

It is also important not to use creams with essential oils and then go out into the sun immediately afterwards. This unfortunately is likely to lead to unsightly skin pigmentation.

A brief summary of moles and birthmarks

Those who suffer from moles and birthmarks really should avoid the sun and always protect themselves from UV radiation. It is best to use creams with a sun protection factor and avoid extensive sunbathing. And for those who long for a beautiful, even complexion, it is important to think about one’s diet too.

A suitable treatment is the best way to deal with existing blemishes, but they take time. While there are many options here, it is best to decide on a treatment that seems most appropriate. Unfortunately annoying moles and birthmarks will not disappear overnight even with the best anti-blemish cream, but you can still manage a significant improvement!