The issue:

Dry skin and especially neurodermatitis are increasingly burdening our society. Very large numbers of babies and infants are affected: the core issue here is itching. These conditions are commonly caused by dry skin are environmental circumstances (exogenous) such as dry air from heaters, too frequent skin cleansing and/or inappropriate detergents for specific skin types. Genetically induced or endogenous factors such as a disposition to neurodermatitis, psoriasis also play contributory roles.

The solution:

The EUBOS CHILDREN'S DRY SKIN HAUT RUHE product range has especially been developed for children with dry and extremely dry skins. Our care and cleansing products meet the specific requirements of dry and atopic, sensitive skin. Gentle and effective skin care results from the inclusion of prized evening primrose oil, which is rich in omega-6-fatty acids, as well as moisture-binding and antiphlogistic active agents such as panthenol, bisabolol, St John's wort extract or cardiospermum halicacabum extract. It is also extremely important to regularly clean the epidermis, especially in cases of sensitive and atopic skin. If unsuitable or too aggressive cleansers are used, especially with atopic skin, these may cause additional disorders to the skin's barrier and cancel out the skin care's positive effect. EUBOS HAUT RUHE's nourishing ingredients and cleansing products are designed for your child's benefit.

All EUBOS HAUT RUHE products are:

perfume-free – PEG-free – colourant-free – lanolin-free - paraben-free and contain no mineral oil.

They are all recommended for therapy-accompanying care with neurodermatitis.




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